Werewolves VS Shape Shifters

Today We’ll be discussing the difference between Werewolves and Shape Shifters.




The above pictures are of shape shifters. Shape shifters are creatures who are born with the ability to shift  orChange into that of another. Some of them can only change into one shape, while the more powerful can shift between multiple shapes. The most common mistake concerning these creatures is to misidentify them as werewolves. A shape shifter can also take on a Half Form. This is where they only shift a certain part of their body, causing it to take on the physical characteristics of the animals (of their choosing), eye or limb.While most have no markings in their animal form, those who wear glasses for instance, would have animalistic markings resembling glasses when they shift if they were wearing them at the time.

Shape shifters can change at will, however, strong bursts of emotion, or being overwhelmed by it can force the change. This is because animals are purely emotional and instinctual, more prone to follow impulses than to use higher logic and reasoning. To keep it short – when overwhelmed by emotion some people are more animal than human.

During teen years Shape Shifters tend to go through a phase of emotional bouts and have a hard time controlling the shift. As they grow and mature this will change.

Some groups of Shape Shifters have been known to form entire governments and societies hidden away from the world.




The above pictures are of werewolves – not to be mistaken for the previously explained Shape Shifters.The werewolf is affected by a disease that forces them to change into what you see above every full moon. The change is excruciatingly painful. Thus far there is no cure for the disease, but some say there is a treatment to stop the change so long as it is taken every full moon before the moon rises.

You can normally tell a werewolf from a wolf shifter. A werewolf is comparable to a rabid wolf on steroids in terms of ability and  temperament.  The Werewolf is larger, and it’s fur is shaggy and unkempt in comparison – as well as it’s teeth.

When the change hits one affected with the disease the affected becomes overcome with blood lust and tend to run about throughout the night killing and devouring whatever flesh it can find. In the morning – it remembers nothing but the pain.

The disease is usually passed from being bitten or blood transfusion by or from the affected. However, there are said to be other things that can bring it on – such as potions and spells. (If you believe in that kind of thing)

Just one more thing, before I wrap it up. 
If you hear someone refer to these creatures as “Lycans” or “Animangi”, you know what to do. Save them – Dispel the ignorance.  

~ EM

‘Till next time.