Fairies, Faeries, and Fairy’s

Hey there Boys and Girls. Today we’re going to learn the difference between Fairies, Faeries, and Fairy’s. The differences may not be so obvious to you, but with a little practice, you too, can shoot down the ignorance of those who mix them up.

 It’s important that you realize that there are many different names for these creatures, subspecies, and that they themselves are subspecies of the Fae, or the Fair Children.  When referring to them in general it is best to just say “Fae”. However, when speaking, you may have to clarify what you mean since the pronunciations are all the same and because of the plethora of creatures categorized under the term. Sometimes they are called “Elemental” “Flower”  or “High” Fae, for distinction. 

They Winged Fey are Not to be confused with Pixies, Sprites, Nymphs, Elves, or Dryads. 

All Fey are said to be immortal, or at least “Live a Very Long Time” usually about thousands of years.  However, they never appear “old”, at least not in the ways a human does. 


An Interpretation of the Fairy Court by Artist James Christensen
Fairies: (See Pictures below each Paragraph) 
[Elemental ]

These creatures are commonly linked to a certain element, such as fire, earth, wind, or water. They are imbued with the nature of their element, and can control it at will. Their abilities are permanent and can be used all year round. 

Fire Fairies live in volcanoes, Water fairies live in ponds, Air in clouds, etc. Occasionally they will be invisible to the eye, able to take or blend with their element.  They can bend their element to whichever shape they wish, but they only appear as human or humanoid element. Though they don’t need wings, they do sometimes like to wear their shape.

Each Fairie is almost fatally vulnerable to it’s opposite. These creatures, much like the High Fairy’s can be deceptive and manipulative, though not with as near much intelligence. Though beautiful; they tend to be rather aloof, shallow, and anti-social unless they want something, and very emotional, or unemotional depending on the element. 







These creatures are largely linked to flowers and the books of young children. These little munchkins are young and innocent, and they live in flowers, wearing the petals. They tend to Flora and Fauna. They are also sweet, friendly, and playful. Think “Thumbelina” for this one. Sometimes people put milk out for them . .. .or honey . .. .but if you really want to find a few your best bet is to look in a field of brightly colored wildflowers, and bring the bell from your cat’s collar.  In most Stories they spout dragonfly wings, but only half a set, though butterfly wings (and full sets) are not largely uncommon. 





[High Fae] 

The High Fae are the close relatives of Elves. They reside in and rule the Fairy Court as a Monarchy consisting of a King and Queen.  

High Fey have no wings, but are more durable, and have stronger ability than they other Fae. In the sense of their individual powers the High Fey are stronger than Elves as well, however, Elves are stronger all together due to their speed, strength, and year long abilities.  

The abilities of the High Fey, or Powers, are seasonal. Each of the High Fae are aligned with either the season Winter or Summer. Though extremely powerful, they are very limited in the fact that their only powers lay in their trinkets and in their resources of the season. [Sunlight, Ice, Warmth, Cold] Their trinkets offer safety from certain powers, the ability to see fae for those who can’t, and other defensive uses. The High Fey can also turn invisible at will to the Mortal eye. The power of the monarchs, However, and therefore their subjects, are weaker when they have not yet found their partner. {Half the Monarchy, Half the Season, Half the Power]

The most intelligent of the three subspecies, They are very deceptive, yet they are always honest. Mortals amuse them, and they like to speak in riddles and majorly formal speech as to confuse and bewilder.  They’ll sometimes offer favors, but only to get things in return. Their love of loopholes and half truths adds more to their deceptive and manipulative nature.  Though the Light Faerie’s are more honorable, the Dark Faerie’s cannot be trusted under any circumstances due to their tendency to be more malicious and sadistic.  The minds of fey, are run by logic and they are very rarely overcome by emotion, at least not visibly. 

The Dark Fae, have always been known to sometimes leave changelings in place of a human baby. Many rumors circulate of underground places where merryment is made, of which Mortals sometimes venture to return centuries later, or because they were foolish enough to consume the Faery fare. 

Being vegetarians, the fairy’s only consume fruit and faery meade, a dangerous thing for mortals to drink because of it’s mind altering properties. 




Of course, every Author will have a different idea of what is the “real” version of every creature. Only with extensive research, or a plethora of knowledge from various books you’ve read can you ever come close to getting to the bottom of all this. Let’s just say I have a very good memory when it comes to this sort of thing especially. 

None of these pictures are of my creation, nor are the rights mine to rightfully possess and I lay no claim to them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you found it helpful. If you’d like, feel free to make requests concerning a Fairytale or Mythical creature you’d like to know about and I would be more than happy to create an article on that subject. 

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