Author’s Quote of the Day

Author’s Quote of the Day

Here’s a Quote that may or may not be better known. If any of you have read the series “Inkheart”  by Cornelia Funke, this is the same quote hanging on the door of Mo’s [silvertongue’s] study in the first house, which is first noticed by an appalled young Meggie until Mo explains it to her.

“Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.” 

― Sir Francis Bacon

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Tailor Elves

Better known as “Santa’s Elves” or as some of them have chosen to be, these short little creatures are actually a species of Dwarf. They are often mistaken for children because as long as they live, they never grow to look old. 

They aren’t much in the way of battle or quick thinking, but Tailor Elves are very cheery and very much enjoy working with their hands, singing joyfully mindless tunes as they do so. They are highly proficient in painting, wood work, leather work, and a wide variety of other things of the same nature, which more than makes up for their lack of other skills.  

The innocent little creatures live to be about eight hundred years old, and of all the things there are to eat, the sweeter variety are their absolute favorite. Be warned, If you bring up the topic of health food – you might want to prepare for a few elf tears and “Are you Crazy” looks aimed in your direction. Disregarding that However, they always seem to be in perfect health. 


High Elves
[Not to be confused with High Fairies]

Ruled by a council and monarch these graceful creatures are amidst those called High Fae, and are the “Fairest of them all” with their pale skin and long dark hair.  Their intentions are strictly peaceful for the most part, and tend to keep to themselves and out of the affairs of others.

The High Elves are highly skilled in both the battles of mind and body. With their unnatural speed and strength, they can’t be beat by any human in a battle of steel.  Like all magic, theirs requires them to manipulate energy. They do this through ancient incantations, song, and concentration. Some of their abilities include healing, growing and manipulating the shape of plants and other organisms including themselves, and scrying. They can also imbue weapons and stones of their choice with some of their energy, creating a reserve for when they need it most.

Their armor looks fragile, and is as delicately crafted and as beautiful as they are, yet it is stronger, lighter, and more efficient than all but the dwarves.

They are very stoic and much of the “strong and silent” type when it comes to emotions and letting down their guard, or any one in, and can be almost too serious and responsible at times. Sometimes they even seem cold when they mean no offense. However, though they aren’t as naive and as innocent as the Tailor Elves, at times they can be childish in a way their cousins could never think to be. They are wise beyond measure, but when they laugh and play, or sing, it’s as if they are children with nothing to worry of. Their laughter is music to man, and their singing is one of the most beautiful things to resound throughout the woods of the land. It is almost like a siren’s song in that it can also be hypnotic, and therefore dangerous to those not of their kind. 

Elves live for an indeterminable length of time, and are thought to be immortal, though they are not invincible.



Due to the only very recent appearance of the Dark Elves I will not be including them in this article because there is not enough information, other than that they are almost the exact opposite of their pure-er cousins to do so. Again, if you did not see this in the previous article on 
Fairies, Faeries, and Fairy’seach author will respectively have their own points of views and opinions on what are the proper creatures, their names, habits ETC, and I’ll readily admit that I sometimes change things to make two creatures more easily discernible from one another. For instance, I doubt that you’ll find “Tailor Elves” to be the common name, or that you’ll find the term “High Elves” in use anywhere but in reference to MMORPG’s. 

Feel free to make suggestions, or requests, and to debate what I’ve written here. 
If you’ve nothing to say on the subject, or anything to contribute, then ’till next time 

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Werewolves VS Shape Shifters

Today We’ll be discussing the difference between Werewolves and Shape Shifters.




The above pictures are of shape shifters. Shape shifters are creatures who are born with the ability to shift  orChange into that of another. Some of them can only change into one shape, while the more powerful can shift between multiple shapes. The most common mistake concerning these creatures is to misidentify them as werewolves. A shape shifter can also take on a Half Form. This is where they only shift a certain part of their body, causing it to take on the physical characteristics of the animals (of their choosing), eye or limb.While most have no markings in their animal form, those who wear glasses for instance, would have animalistic markings resembling glasses when they shift if they were wearing them at the time.

Shape shifters can change at will, however, strong bursts of emotion, or being overwhelmed by it can force the change. This is because animals are purely emotional and instinctual, more prone to follow impulses than to use higher logic and reasoning. To keep it short – when overwhelmed by emotion some people are more animal than human.

During teen years Shape Shifters tend to go through a phase of emotional bouts and have a hard time controlling the shift. As they grow and mature this will change.

Some groups of Shape Shifters have been known to form entire governments and societies hidden away from the world.




The above pictures are of werewolves – not to be mistaken for the previously explained Shape Shifters.The werewolf is affected by a disease that forces them to change into what you see above every full moon. The change is excruciatingly painful. Thus far there is no cure for the disease, but some say there is a treatment to stop the change so long as it is taken every full moon before the moon rises.

You can normally tell a werewolf from a wolf shifter. A werewolf is comparable to a rabid wolf on steroids in terms of ability and  temperament.  The Werewolf is larger, and it’s fur is shaggy and unkempt in comparison – as well as it’s teeth.

When the change hits one affected with the disease the affected becomes overcome with blood lust and tend to run about throughout the night killing and devouring whatever flesh it can find. In the morning – it remembers nothing but the pain.

The disease is usually passed from being bitten or blood transfusion by or from the affected. However, there are said to be other things that can bring it on – such as potions and spells. (If you believe in that kind of thing)

Just one more thing, before I wrap it up. 
If you hear someone refer to these creatures as “Lycans” or “Animangi”, you know what to do. Save them – Dispel the ignorance.  

~ EM

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Fairies, Faeries, and Fairy’s

Hey there Boys and Girls. Today we’re going to learn the difference between Fairies, Faeries, and Fairy’s. The differences may not be so obvious to you, but with a little practice, you too, can shoot down the ignorance of those who mix them up.

 It’s important that you realize that there are many different names for these creatures, subspecies, and that they themselves are subspecies of the Fae, or the Fair Children.  When referring to them in general it is best to just say “Fae”. However, when speaking, you may have to clarify what you mean since the pronunciations are all the same and because of the plethora of creatures categorized under the term. Sometimes they are called “Elemental” “Flower”  or “High” Fae, for distinction. 

They Winged Fey are Not to be confused with Pixies, Sprites, Nymphs, Elves, or Dryads. 

All Fey are said to be immortal, or at least “Live a Very Long Time” usually about thousands of years.  However, they never appear “old”, at least not in the ways a human does. 


An Interpretation of the Fairy Court by Artist James Christensen
Fairies: (See Pictures below each Paragraph) 
[Elemental ]

These creatures are commonly linked to a certain element, such as fire, earth, wind, or water. They are imbued with the nature of their element, and can control it at will. Their abilities are permanent and can be used all year round. 

Fire Fairies live in volcanoes, Water fairies live in ponds, Air in clouds, etc. Occasionally they will be invisible to the eye, able to take or blend with their element.  They can bend their element to whichever shape they wish, but they only appear as human or humanoid element. Though they don’t need wings, they do sometimes like to wear their shape.

Each Fairie is almost fatally vulnerable to it’s opposite. These creatures, much like the High Fairy’s can be deceptive and manipulative, though not with as near much intelligence. Though beautiful; they tend to be rather aloof, shallow, and anti-social unless they want something, and very emotional, or unemotional depending on the element. 







These creatures are largely linked to flowers and the books of young children. These little munchkins are young and innocent, and they live in flowers, wearing the petals. They tend to Flora and Fauna. They are also sweet, friendly, and playful. Think “Thumbelina” for this one. Sometimes people put milk out for them . .. .or honey . .. .but if you really want to find a few your best bet is to look in a field of brightly colored wildflowers, and bring the bell from your cat’s collar.  In most Stories they spout dragonfly wings, but only half a set, though butterfly wings (and full sets) are not largely uncommon. 





[High Fae] 

The High Fae are the close relatives of Elves. They reside in and rule the Fairy Court as a Monarchy consisting of a King and Queen.  

High Fey have no wings, but are more durable, and have stronger ability than they other Fae. In the sense of their individual powers the High Fey are stronger than Elves as well, however, Elves are stronger all together due to their speed, strength, and year long abilities.  

The abilities of the High Fey, or Powers, are seasonal. Each of the High Fae are aligned with either the season Winter or Summer. Though extremely powerful, they are very limited in the fact that their only powers lay in their trinkets and in their resources of the season. [Sunlight, Ice, Warmth, Cold] Their trinkets offer safety from certain powers, the ability to see fae for those who can’t, and other defensive uses. The High Fey can also turn invisible at will to the Mortal eye. The power of the monarchs, However, and therefore their subjects, are weaker when they have not yet found their partner. {Half the Monarchy, Half the Season, Half the Power]

The most intelligent of the three subspecies, They are very deceptive, yet they are always honest. Mortals amuse them, and they like to speak in riddles and majorly formal speech as to confuse and bewilder.  They’ll sometimes offer favors, but only to get things in return. Their love of loopholes and half truths adds more to their deceptive and manipulative nature.  Though the Light Faerie’s are more honorable, the Dark Faerie’s cannot be trusted under any circumstances due to their tendency to be more malicious and sadistic.  The minds of fey, are run by logic and they are very rarely overcome by emotion, at least not visibly. 

The Dark Fae, have always been known to sometimes leave changelings in place of a human baby. Many rumors circulate of underground places where merryment is made, of which Mortals sometimes venture to return centuries later, or because they were foolish enough to consume the Faery fare. 

Being vegetarians, the fairy’s only consume fruit and faery meade, a dangerous thing for mortals to drink because of it’s mind altering properties. 




Of course, every Author will have a different idea of what is the “real” version of every creature. Only with extensive research, or a plethora of knowledge from various books you’ve read can you ever come close to getting to the bottom of all this. Let’s just say I have a very good memory when it comes to this sort of thing especially. 

None of these pictures are of my creation, nor are the rights mine to rightfully possess and I lay no claim to them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you found it helpful. If you’d like, feel free to make requests concerning a Fairytale or Mythical creature you’d like to know about and I would be more than happy to create an article on that subject. 

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