My Mask

And Now! For a poem by yours truly. Enjoy.  Read more more often at

© Ethereal Melody. All rights reserved

You’ll never know how I really feel 
You can try to tear the mask away,
But there are more beneath it 
Placed in preparation

One after another
Thousands have piled higher and higher
Second skins to every fifty- hundredth
They are a labyrinth, all their own

Some glitter and shine, 
Trick mirrors to fit your fancy
But they only tell you just enough
Never really saying anything

You just don’t understand
My darkness, Your light
We’re experiencing different fights
I have to find my own, true might

So call them monsters!  Call them lies!
But my masks are the only things
That have helped me survive
They kept me warm when all your shoulders were cold
While you lived a childhood, and I grew old

So let me have my masks
I’ll relinquish them when I’m ready
Just remember, that we’re not all the same
Even though, we all experience pain

When that right person comes along,

I’ll be ready. 


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