Tailor Elves

Better known as “Santa’s Elves” or as some of them have chosen to be, these short little creatures are actually a species of Dwarf. They are often mistaken for children because as long as they live, they never grow to look old. 

They aren’t much in the way of battle or quick thinking, but Tailor Elves are very cheery and very much enjoy working with their hands, singing joyfully mindless tunes as they do so. They are highly proficient in painting, wood work, leather work, and a wide variety of other things of the same nature, which more than makes up for their lack of other skills.  

The innocent little creatures live to be about eight hundred years old, and of all the things there are to eat, the sweeter variety are their absolute favorite. Be warned, If you bring up the topic of health food – you might want to prepare for a few elf tears and “Are you Crazy” looks aimed in your direction. Disregarding that However, they always seem to be in perfect health. 


High Elves
[Not to be confused with High Fairies]

Ruled by a council and monarch these graceful creatures are amidst those called High Fae, and are the “Fairest of them all” with their pale skin and long dark hair.  Their intentions are strictly peaceful for the most part, and tend to keep to themselves and out of the affairs of others.

The High Elves are highly skilled in both the battles of mind and body. With their unnatural speed and strength, they can’t be beat by any human in a battle of steel.  Like all magic, theirs requires them to manipulate energy. They do this through ancient incantations, song, and concentration. Some of their abilities include healing, growing and manipulating the shape of plants and other organisms including themselves, and scrying. They can also imbue weapons and stones of their choice with some of their energy, creating a reserve for when they need it most.

Their armor looks fragile, and is as delicately crafted and as beautiful as they are, yet it is stronger, lighter, and more efficient than all but the dwarves.

They are very stoic and much of the “strong and silent” type when it comes to emotions and letting down their guard, or any one in, and can be almost too serious and responsible at times. Sometimes they even seem cold when they mean no offense. However, though they aren’t as naive and as innocent as the Tailor Elves, at times they can be childish in a way their cousins could never think to be. They are wise beyond measure, but when they laugh and play, or sing, it’s as if they are children with nothing to worry of. Their laughter is music to man, and their singing is one of the most beautiful things to resound throughout the woods of the land. It is almost like a siren’s song in that it can also be hypnotic, and therefore dangerous to those not of their kind. 

Elves live for an indeterminable length of time, and are thought to be immortal, though they are not invincible.



Due to the only very recent appearance of the Dark Elves I will not be including them in this article because there is not enough information, other than that they are almost the exact opposite of their pure-er cousins to do so. Again, if you did not see this in the previous article on 
Fairies, Faeries, and Fairy’seach author will respectively have their own points of views and opinions on what are the proper creatures, their names, habits ETC, and I’ll readily admit that I sometimes change things to make two creatures more easily discernible from one another. For instance, I doubt that you’ll find “Tailor Elves” to be the common name, or that you’ll find the term “High Elves” in use anywhere but in reference to MMORPG’s. 

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